Social media star and makeup guru Mitchell Halliday or as he is better known as mmmmitchell, is not your typical 20-year-old.

With a staggering 1.2 million Instagram followers, he travels the world hosting makeup masterclasses, has countless celebrities saved in his phone and has worked with everyone from Lipstick Nick to Beyonce’s makeup artist Sir John, but according to Mitchell, his greatest achievement to date is being able to look after his Mum and Dad.

Mitchell is a rare breed of Beauty BOY! Rather than growing up through the ranks of YouTube, Halliday first entered the spotlight when he appeared on the UK’s X-Factor and America’s Beauty Star. Although it wasn’t his time it is clear that Mitchell became more determined to make a name for himself.

When chatting with Mitchell, I felt like I was chatting with a close friend. He mirrored the same charm that you witness when watching one of his videos and within minutes was able to identify why his audience adores him.

In an exclusive with BOY! Incognito, Halliday sits with our editor to chat makeup, fashion and growing up as a queer kid who loves makeup and his latest venture, Morphe’s Main Event.

Tell me about MMMMitchell

MMMMITCHELL is all about following your heart, being spontaneous and never feeling pressured to fit the mould that society has built for us.

Does this resonate with the Mitchell Halliday DNA

This totally resonates with Mitchell. MMMMITCHELL, really taught me to live fearlessly and love endlessly. Everything I’ve learnt during my 4 years as “mmmmitchell” has allowed me to have a more open look on life and on the people I meet.

Aside from makeup, you are known for looking at menswear in a way that really redefines it. What is your fashion philosophy?

For me, menswear is women’s wear and vice versa. If something makes you feel good, who cares about who it was made for. Confidence is fashion to me and feeling good is confidence. So, I rock whatever makes me feel good because if I feel good, you already know I’m about to look good. Also, I like to look good for myself, if someone doesn’t agree, that’s their opinion!

Opinions ain’t facts and that’s that! Be you!

What is the most common misconception of you?

First of all, a lot of people think I’m American! But I’m actually a Northern British lad through and through! Apart from that I think a lot of people assume as a creator with a large following that we can be a little bit arrogant or hard to communicate with. But I think that’s the magic of this new age of “celebrities” and “social media personalities” most of us started this to escape from the real world. So, I will always remember where I started and respect that a lot of people that come up after me will probably use this platform as a creative outlet and escape as well!

I totally get that, what was it like working on the collection with Morphe?

Working with Morphe was truly surreal. I remember years ago not being able to get Morphe in the UK and having to pay huge customs charges to get it over, which at the time I couldn’t afford so I had to just sit and wait until maybe I was eventually in LA or they landed on UK soil! Even to this day it’s super surreal and as launch day approaches, I still need to pinch myself!

The Main Event collection turned out to be everything I wanted! I’m most excited about the water-activated liners in the 24M Artistry Palette, these are a first for Morphe, and trust me they’re incredible! You can experiment with the liners using the bent liner brush in the Bring The Beat brush collection. And the edgy, earthy shades of the palette are perfectly complemented by the super pigmented, smooth and creamy lip crayons – my favourite one is TLC. The collection really lets you be as creative as you want. 

Was it a ‘pinch me moment’ to be working with such a huge powerhouse?

Yes absolutely, working alongside legends such as Lipstick Nick, being at Studio Morphe and seeing my face in a Morphe Store is truly something I was scared to even dream of. But look at me now, no dream is ever too big.

I really love that. What was it like growing up as a creative man and entering a predominantly female oriented industry?

Growing up as a gay young creative boy, I was the “weirdo” in school sometimes, I was the outcast most my life; still up till this day and I certainly had doubts that maybe I would need to be more “normal” to be successful. But having an amazing mum and dad who even though were sometimes confused by my outfit and makeup choices, they were and still are my biggest fans. So the confidence I gained from my parents really allowed me to enter this industry confidently and fearlessly. I feel like that has allowed me to really put myself on the map and be welcomed into this crazy world of beauty.

You have such a positive outlook, were there any challenges that you faced along the way?

Absolutely, life has been full of them. But I love a challenge.

That really makes me smile, what is your proudest moment to date?

My proudest moment to date is definitely being able to look after my mum and dad. That’s something as a kid I never thought I’d be able to do. But that is truly something I am so content with and is what matters most to me. Obviously, launching a brush set and being the face of a Morphe campaign is mind blowing to myself and I will never get over that. I’m sure this is also one of my parents’ proudest moments. They’ve raised a little entrepreneur and I am so grateful for that!

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration from pretty much anything, whether it’s a sunset, a runway show or even music! I worked on the collection with UK’s KISS Fresh Breakfast Show host, Daisy Maskell! We both share a love for music and wanted to showcase that throughout the collection, we hope Main Event inspires people to have the confidence to be in the spotlight. I am also inspired by my friend, @stacemariemua. She is truly my biggest inspiration with the biggest heart.

What is gender in makeup?

Gender in makeup to me is a load of bull.

I’ll be honest, seeing “unisex” on some products and not all products are so confusing to me. Seeing “men’s makeup”, yes, it is a step in the right direction, but I hope one day it can just be MAKEUP. FOR EVERYONE. It’s art, it’s confidence, it’s expression. In my eyes, all genders should be able to experience those things in life.

I honestly couldn't agree with you more and Morphe definitely has that philosophy too. I have to ask Mitchell, what advice do you have for young boys who want to pursue a career in makeup?

My advice for young boys would be, GO FOR IT. Don’t care what anyone says, whether it’s family, friends or someone online. If it makes you feel good. Do it. One day you will look back and think why did I ever question doing this, why did I ever let anyone else make me question myself?

You are on your own unique path and don’t let anyone get in the way, if they do, jump over them. You got this.

Am I able to ask, at what age did you come out?

I never came out! I guess I never felt the need to, I am me and that’s that. I was born this way so growing up I never felt like I had to announce to the world what I have always been. I’m thankful I have a family who embrace who I am and love every bit of me. I understand that not everyone has that but coming back to the previous question. Do not let anyone ever question you. You don’t need to answer to anyone.

So there wasn't a negative response from your parents? That’s amazing!

Well, there was no response because my mum and dad have always just gone with MY flow and MY journey. I think a lot of parents can learn from that. Let your children explore life the way they choose to, as long as they aren’t hurting themselves or others. Who cares?

I hear that. What advice would you give your younger self?

Advice for my younger self, would be to keep going. I’ve been working since I was 14. Whether that was in a little clothes shop, singing in pubs and clubs, or in a beauty salon. I’ve always been a grafter and if I could speak to myself 7 years ago, I would just say, YOU ARE DOING AMAZING SWEETIE. Oh, and maybe, get a better haircut, lol. 

HAHA, your hair slaps now. Mitchell, what is next for you?

Next for me, is my own brand. Which is well underway, so next is to bring it into the world and for it to hopefully be loved by my 1.2 million friends all over the world.

And as always, just gonna keep my feet on the ground and have my head in the clouds.

Morphe’s Main Event with mmmmitchell is available to shop exclusively on the Morphe Website and Morphe stores worldwide from August 13



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