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With  Calvin Klein            With  Calvin Klein            With  Calvin Klein            With  Calvin Klein            With  Calvin Klein            With  Calvin Klein            With  Calvin Klein            With  Calvin Klein            With  Calvin Klein            With  Calvin Klein            

When I think of skateboarding, I am brought back to being 9 years old, being told by my cousin that I am not cool enough to engage in it. It’s only for boys he would say to me. Four words that still follow me to this day. As our team were browsing through Calvin Kleins SS21 campaign, shot by Mario Sorrenti, we were intrigued by 8 powerful queer people staring directly into the lense, the subjects - Queer Skate LA. Sitting beside names including Jacob Elordi, Megan Thee Stallion and Rina Sawayama, Queer Skate LA are a collective of advocates who came together to create a safe for LGBTQIA+ skaters to make this predominantly cis-male world inclusive to all.

BOY! Incognito sat down with New, Enzo, Dan and Kora who talked to us about what it was like to be a part of the Calvin Klein campaign and the origins of their collective.

Tell us about Queer Skate LA  

(We are) A bunch of queer skaters in LA who autonomously organize skate meet ups in Los Angeles. - New

How did it start and how did you find each other?

Queer Skate LA began as a group of friends who got connected through Unity Skateboarding (a queer skateboarding collective in Oakland) who wanted to have more frequent skate sessions/meet ups in LA. There is no hierarchy in the formation of QSLA. Anyone who were aligning with the agenda for creating a safe space for queer skaters to explore and learn were welcomed to join/organize. - New

What does Queer Skate LA stand for?

We stand for queer lives, especially black/indigenous queer lives to exist, play, live, and claim spaces that society tries to repress. - New

Tell us what it means to be a part of the Calvin Klein campaign?

Being a part of Calvin Klein is about representation. It’s important that we see young people from different backgrounds throughout the world so they can walk comfortably in their shoes. It means recognition in the present and to show up for those who may never (have) been recognized for being themselves. - Enzo

What can the fashion community as a whole do to support the queer community?

Be outside the binaries, be in between the binaries! Break the social construct of gender! No more distinction between "men" and "women" clothes, wear whatever the fuck you want. – New

What made you agree to be a part of the Calvin Klein Campaign? 

It was too good and too fun of an experience to pass. We all had a blast shooting with CK. - New

How did Calvin Klein bring out your individuality while allowing you to shine altogether?

In terms of hair and makeup CK was pretty good about asking us how we usually did it and preserving our personal style instead of just making us look the way they wanted. - Dan  

What’s next for Queer Skate LA?

We don’t really have a plan other than to start meeting up again once covid is history. - Kora




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